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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hazel M.  Abt 1900Indiana I8569 VanHook 
2 Helena  Abt 1912Indiana I8478 VanHook 
3 Mary A.  Dec 1834Indiana I8864 VanHook 
4 Maude  30 Aug 1907Indiana I8218 VanHook 
5 Viola Emeline (Emma)  18 Oct 1869Indiana I7670 VanHook 
6 Virginia J.  Abt 1895Indiana I12255 VanHook 
7 Applegate, George  Sep 1852Indiana I8571 VanHook 
8 Applegate, Sarah J.  Oct 1890Indiana I5010 VanHook 
9 Baker, Gertrude B.  Abt 1898Indiana I8448 VanHook 
10 Ball, Layfayette  13 Nov 1836Indiana I3835 VanHook 
11 Ball, Margaret H.  Dec 1874Indiana I3840 VanHook 
12 Canada, Caroline  Abt 1834Indiana I8869 VanHook 
13 Canada, Charlotte  Abt 1829Indiana I8868 VanHook 
14 Canada, Cynthia  Abt 1858Indiana I8859 VanHook 
15 Canada, Elizabeth C.  Abt 1860Indiana I8877 VanHook 
16 Canada, Emily  Abt 1841Indiana I8874 VanHook 
17 Canada, Ida  Abt 1859Indiana I8876 VanHook 
18 Canada, John M.  Abt 1827Indiana I8851 VanHook 
19 Canada, Louvinia J.  Abt 1861Indiana I8878 VanHook 
20 Clemons, Elizabeth  Abt 1832Indiana I7095 VanHook 
21 Clemons, Jabez  Abt 1830Indiana I4130 VanHook 
22 Clemons, Matilda  Abt 1835Indiana I7096 VanHook 
23 Clemons, Sarah  Abt 1838Indiana I7097 VanHook 
24 Colvin, Nancy Jane  17 Dec 1829Indiana I11178 VanHook 
25 Cope, Marie  Abt 1901Indiana I3241 VanHook 
26 Cress, John R.  Jun 1847Indiana I6654 VanHook 
27 Dix, Orville  Aug 1892Indiana I10204 VanHook 
28 Downs, Ivan  Abt 1901Indiana I11233 VanHook 
29 Elrod, Hallie  Abt 1880Indiana I11815 VanHook 
30 Estle, William P.  10 Jun 1862Indiana I11334 VanHook 
31 Evans, Samantha Jane  17 Jul 1847Indiana I4927 VanHook 
32 Franklin, Arthur  Abt 1856Indiana I13086 VanHook 
33 Franklin, Earnest  Abt 1854Indiana I13084 VanHook 
34 Franklin, Emmett  Dec 1870Indiana I13077 VanHook 
35 Franklin, Grace  Abt 1861Indiana I13081 VanHook 
36 Franklin, Homer  Abt 1862Indiana I13082 VanHook 
37 Franklin, Josepha  Jan 1869Indiana I13076 VanHook 
38 Franklin, Mary L.  Abt 1916Indiana I12538 VanHook 
39 Franklin, Mildred  Jul 1875Indiana I13078 VanHook 
40 Franklin, Rolla  Abt 1859Indiana I13080 VanHook 
41 Franklin, Stella  Dec 1864Indiana I13075 VanHook 
42 Franklin, Victor  Abt 1872Indiana I13083 VanHook 
43 Franklin, Walter  Abt 1855Indiana I13085 VanHook 
44 Franklin, Zoe  Abt 1858Indiana I13079 VanHook 
45 Grimes, Emily  16 Mar 1827Indiana I10541 VanHook 
46 Grimes, Virgil  24 Nov 1891Indiana I13903 VanHook 
47 Groves, Harrison  16 May 1840Indiana I13315 VanHook 
48 Hemphill, Peninah  Abt 1867Indiana I12458 VanHook 
49 Hemphill, Robert  Abt 1837Indiana I12457 VanHook 
50 Holland, Anneretta A.  Abt 1834Indiana I6187 VanHook 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fitzpatrick, Henry  Indiana I7143 VanHook 
2 Green, Milford Doolin  1 Nov 1916Indiana I5053 VanHook 
3 Green, Virgil Tyrone  1956Indiana I3234 VanHook 
4 Hutto, Sarah Ellen  22 Sep 1909Indiana I8531 VanHook 
5 Isaacs, Cecil Lloyd  Bef 1929Indiana I8827 VanHook 
6 Key, Nancy Merley  1877Indiana I3459 VanHook 
7 Manson, Laura C. (Lillie)  18 May 1878Indiana I3833 VanHook 
8 McKinney, William Vanhook  16 Mar 1897Indiana I7285 VanHook 
9 Poynter, Stella L.  21 Jul 1979Indiana I8833 VanHook 
10 Prevo, Alexander  Between 1857 and 1860Indiana I6206 VanHook 
11 Sackett, Charles A.  8 Nov 1889Indiana I7415 VanHook 
12 Stewart, Orville J.  1961Indiana I13890 VanHook 
13 VanHook, Charles Vernando  Oct 1925Indiana I4928 VanHook 
14 VanHook, Delia (Della) Florence  26 May 1946Indiana I4025 VanHook 
15 VanHook, Elizabeth  Between 1857 and 1860Indiana I6204 VanHook 
16 VanHook, George Logan  Aft 1942Indiana I13028 VanHook 
17 VanHook, Helena (Lena) Gertrude  Aft 1930Indiana I4214 VanHook 
18 VanHook, Jerome C.  14 Oct 1918Indiana I2063 VanHook 
19 VanHook, John  1942Indiana I5007 VanHook 
20 VanHook, Mary H.  27 Apr 1923Indiana I7896 VanHook 
21 VanHook, Olive  Bef 1920Indiana I8553 VanHook 
22 VanHook, William Aaron  Aft 1880Indiana I12503 VanHook 
23 Whitaker, William B.  Aft 1930Indiana I8461 VanHook 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brown / Bailey  1853Indiana F2374 VanHook 
2 Canada /   Abt 1857Indiana F3138 VanHook 
3 McClain / VanHook  Abt 1929Indiana F4499 VanHook 
4 Norman / VanHook  Aft 1910Indiana F4466 VanHook 
5 VanHook /   Abt 1897Indiana F403 VanHook 
6 VanHook /   Abt 1900Indiana F38 VanHook 
7 VanHook /   10 Mar 1918Indiana F434 VanHook 
8 VanHook /   Between 1920 and 1930Indiana F3036 VanHook 
9 VanHook /   Abt 1926Indiana F2904 VanHook 
10 VanHook /   Abt 1929Indiana F3756 VanHook 
11 VanHook / Jones  Abt 1905Indiana F4496 VanHook